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I've been asking everyone to take our annual reader survey. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to fill it out. I'm going to be sharing various nuggets of information from it. But here's one that really jumped out at me. We asked two questions on so-called "cord cutters", in this case people who have ditched cable TV service for streaming services like Netflix, iTunes/AppleTV, Amazon Prime, etc. 83% of our readers say they currently use one of these services - which I don't find terribly surprising. But this, I did find stunning. 51% of our readers say they either have or are considering canceling their cable services in favor of one or more of those services. Another 16% say they've never had cable (I'm going to look at the crosstabs later to see if this 'never' group skews young.)

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Can I ask you a favor? If you haven't had a chance yet, please take just 5 minutes to fill out our annual audience survey. It's a quick, simple, easy way to help TPM a lot. If you get something out of what you read here at TPM, please take a few minutes to answer these questions. Privacy and anonymity guaranteed. Click here to get started. And thank you.

As I mentioned earlier this week, today we're running our annual reader survey. It only takes 5 or maybe 10 minutes tops to fill out. It is a huge help to our whole organization, because it goes right to our bottom line, how we pay staff and all the expenses that keep this small independent publication going. The survey is mainly to provide information which we use to build audience data for our ad sales program.

If you've heard enough and you're ready to fill out the survey, click here. If you'd like to know more about why we run the survey, how we protect your privacy, join me after the jump.

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Longtime TPM Reader BF respond to my post on Geert Wilders and I reply back ...

"By all means, if you were a professional Mohammad cartoonist before this started, stay strong, keep drawing and do not be intimidated by these violent extremists."

What if you're a novelist like Salman Rushdie? Or a filmmaker like Theo Van Gogh? Or a schoolgirl like Malala Yousafzai? Or bloggers like Washiqur Rahman or Avijit Roy?

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I'm not sure I've ever seen a better illustration of the Guffmanite nonesense we discussed yesterday than this. Geert Wilders, the flamboyantly coifed far-right Dutch parliamentarian who is Geller's partner in crime, has announced that we need more Prophet Mohammad cartoons to combat the failed attack in Garland. This really is the inexorable collision of two rival clowncarts throwing up cultural and physical shrapnel to innocents around them, two sides that can't exist without each other and by any reasonable standard shouldn't exist at all. Perhaps we should take another approach: everybody go back to whatever they were doing before the Mohammad cartoon fad started, fund robust counter-terrorism operations to protect us from extremist lunatics and just call it a day.

By all means, if you were a professional Mohammad cartoonist before this started, stay strong, keep drawing and do not be intimidated by these violent extremists.

Otherwise, perhaps just get a life and move on.

Thank you to everyone who has already taken our survey this morning.

If you haven't, please take five minutes or so to take it now. It is a huge help to our whole organization, because it goes right to our bottom line, how we pay staff and everything else that keep this small, independent publication going. It's very important. If you've already heard enough, click here to get started. For more information on why we're doing this, why it's so important and how we guard your privacy, click here for more information.

I don't agree with all of this piece. But I agree with a lot of it and it made me think, which makes it a very good piece in my mind. An interesting side note is that I think the author started reading TPM and emailing me when he was maybe in middle school, which I'm both very proud of and also slightly unsettled by. But the piece is what matters here and it's about the contrast between how we talk about race here in the US (tip-toeing and talking around it) and how they do in South Africa. Give it a look. I think you'll be glad you did.

As we noted the night before last, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had till midnight yesterday (Israel time) to form a coalition or (an extremely improbable event) give up the chance to be the country’s next Prime Minister. And now he’s done that just an hour or so before the deadline, adding the far-right Jewish Home party of Naftali Bennett (a one-time protege turned quasi-nemesis) to his new government. It was always a given that Bennett’s party would join. But things changed on Monday when Avigdor Lieberman (another protege turned quasi-nemesis) abruptly announced that he would not join the next government and would instead take his now greatly diminished Yisrael Beiteinu party into the opposition.

That dramatically changed the situation.

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