Nona Willis Aronowitz

Nona Willis Aronowitz is the editor of TPM's The Slice and TPMCafe. Previously, she was an education and poverty reporter at NBC News Digital, a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, and an associate editor at GOOD magazine. She's written for The Atlantic, Washington Post,, The Nation, The American Prospect, Tablet, and Rookie, among others.

Articles by Nona Willis

This is part one of a four-part series at The Slice called "End of the Road," about America's waning love affair with car culture.

A few months ago, posters for Mad Men’s final season began to pop up in magazines and on bus stops. In one, Don Draper is sitting in a sun-dappled, slate-colored car—perhaps already driving, perhaps getting ready to drive, into the dawn of the 1970s. It’s the way we want to remember him: He has the same Brylcreem coif, same cigarette hanging carelessly from his fingers, same stoic stare and same furrowed brow. For a moment, we forget that beneath the artifice is the poor, terrified son of a prostitute. In this impossibly beautiful car, his hand on the wine-colored steering wheel, he’s every inch the sexy, fearless, dick-swinging man’s man, speeding toward the future’s endless possibilities.

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Aurin Squire has a fascinating piece up at The Slice today about his experience being gay, black, progressive, young...and celibate. By choice. He takes you through his journey from bedhopping in New York City; to a morning, 3 months into abstaining, when he woke up laughing with joy; to the moment when a Buddhist nun told him he might be taking it too far.

Check out the piece here, then join us at 2 pm for a livechat with Aurin and Josh.

TPM is looking for a Features Intern to assist with The Slice, our new features and essay section that gets to the gut-level, human side of cultural and political issues. We publish researched essays, personal narrative and voicey reported pieces on things like money, sex, identity, pop culture, politics, family and those harbingers of modern life you keep noticing but can’t quite parse out. Read what we’ve published so far here, and read more from the editor here and here.

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Back in December, Whitney Mallet wrote a provocative piece reminding us that despite the mainstreaming of S&M kicked off by 50 Shades of Grey, we're still threatened by the way it makes uneven power relations explicit. Seems particularly relevant amid this 50 Shades-branded media blitz, complete with black vibrators at Walmart, all pegged to its cinematic debut tonight.

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Collier Meyerson has an arresting, deeply personal piece up at The Slice today about the emotional messiness of being a transnational adoptee of color. She and her best friend Sadye are both adopted and both brown-skinned, but there's a big difference: Collier was born in the United States, and Sadye was born in the middle of a civil war in El Salvador.

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In 2014, TPM's readers loved takes on everything from sexism on Fox News and rape in New Orleans, to illegal immigration and being the daughter of Cuban exiles, to interracial couples and black people (not) camping. We published open letters, tackled American myths, illuminated political flareups, and more. Below are the best pieces at TPMCafe—and a few from our new features section—in 2014:

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