Prime Memberships

What is Prime?

TPM Prime is membership program designed to give readers more. It is a deeper layer of TPM providing additional content and a better TPM experience overall.

  • Exclusive, members-only content.
  • The Hive – our members-only forums.
  • A premium layout with 75% fewer ads on desktop.
  • No ads on mobile.
  • Bookmarks – Want to read something but don’t have time? Save it for later in a personalized folder.
  • New to You – Visit the site and need a quick glance at what’s been posted since your last visit? We have you covered.
  • Full-text RSS feeds.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are DIRECTLY supporting independent, fearless journalism at a time when we need it MORE THAN EVER.

What if I can’t afford Prime?

We do offer alternatives for TPM readers who are experiencing financial difficulties but still would like to contribute and experience Prime.

  • Qualified applicants can apply for credit memberships and receive a free year’s worth of Prime with all the benefits of a regular membership.
  • Credit Memberships are given based on limited availability per month.
  • In addition, if you are a currently enrolled student and would also like to enroll in Prime, you can apply for a FIN membership.
  • FIN (The Future is Now) is our free student membership which is available to qualified applicants. Recipients receive a free year’s worth of Prime with all the benefits of a regular membership.

Does TPM offer discounted Prime memberships to students?

Yes! Currently enrolled students are free to apply for a FIN membership.

  • Qualified applicants can apply for a FIN membership and receive a free year’s worth of Prime with all the benefits of a regular membership.

Do you offer gift memberships?

Yes, we do – you can find them along with our other membership options on our membership page.

How do I sign up for Prime?

You can sign up for Prime membership or one of our other TPM memberships options by visiting our membership page or by clicking the ‘Join Prime’ button at the top of all article pages.

MY Prime/Account Preferences

How do I access my account preferences?

Prime members can access account preferences by selecting their username at the top right corner of the site (desktop) or by clicking the person icon (mobile and tablet). Readers with free commenting accounts can access their account preferences by hovering over their username (desktop) or by clicking the person icon   mobile and tablet).

I want to change my username, how do I do that?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not allow TPM members to change their username after their initial sign up. This is meant to prevent inappropriate behavior on our site and in our community. If you need further assistance on this matter you can reach out to

I forgot my username and/or password, what do I do?

TPM members can reset their passwords by following this link. Members are also given the ability to log in with the email address associated with their account in case they cannot remember their username. If you need further assistance you can reach out to

How do I activate my new gift/credit/FIN membership?

To redeem your membership click on the activation link in the email you received informing you about the membership. This will take you to a signup page where you will need to fill out the remaining information to complete the account.

Payment & Billing

How do I renew my membership?

To renew your subscription you’ll need to ensure that auto-renew is turned on. You can check this by signing into Prime and selecting your username in the top right of the site — click the person icon on mobile and tablet.  Select the ‘Billing’ option from the dropdown and you’ll be taken to an account page with an option to turn auto-renew off or on. So long as the setting is turned on, your membership will renew at the end of the current cycle.

I received a gift/credit/FIN membership how long does this membership last and can it be renewed?

Each of these memberships lasts a year from the date the account is activated and it can be renewed either by reapplying — if you still remain qualified — or assuming control over payment for the account which can be done via your account settings. You can enter billing information by selecting ‘Billing’ from the ‘Member’ dropdown menu.

My credit card info is out of date – how do I update it to make sure my account renews?

You can update your billing preferences, including your credit card information by clicking you username in upper right-hand corner of the site. Billing preferences are found by selecting ‘Billing’ in the dropdown. Once your information is up to date and your membership is set to automatically renew, your account will be charged based on the updated information.

How do I resubscribe to Prime after my membership has lapsed?

If you are looking to resubscribe after letting your previous membership lapse, you can do so by logging into your previous TPM account (if you have forgotten your username and or password you can reach out to and visting the Prime page to select a new membership and begin accessing Prime again.

How much will I be charged for my membership and what type of membership am I currently signed up for?

You can find out this information by selecting your username. The dropdown will review your membership type. To find out how much your are being charged, select ‘Billing’ from the dropdown.

How do I cancel my Prime membership?

You can cancel your membership by selecting your username in the top right corner of the screen, selecting ‘Billing’ from the dropdown and turning off the auto-renew setting.

TPM Commenting Account

How do I sign up for an account?

 You can sign up for a free TPM account by visiting our membership page.

How do I upgrade my account to a Prime membership?

You can upgrade to a Prime membership by clicking the ‘Join Prime’ button in the top right corner of all article pages.


How do I access The Hive/comments?

Under each headline there is a button labeled comments, or if you’d like you can scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full thread where you can also post. To access The Hive, you can do so via the portal located on all story pages (along the right-hand side) or via the ‘Members’ dropdown menu located at the top of each page when you select your username.

How do I get the full episodes of The Josh Marshall Show podcast?

Prime members can access full episodes of The Josh Marshall Show podcast through various podcast providers using the Prime members RSS feed URL. The URL is provided in the podcast section of our site under each new episode. This URL can then be copied and pasted into most podcast apps (iTunes, SoundCloud, Podbean, etc.) and manually added as a new feed. Once you’re subscribed your app will automatically update with new episodes.

I signed up for Prime, why am I still seeing advertisements on the site?

If you are signed up for Prime, your account is active, and you are successfully logged in Prime members should see significantly fewer ads on their desktop and tablet devices. Per page, members should only see 2 ads (a banner at the top and one along the right-hand side of the page). On mobile devices, so long as you are logged in and maintain an active membership, Prime members should see no ads at all.