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‘Crazy Over This Impeachment Thing’

June 6, 2019 10:36 a.m.

TPM Reader BT:

Love you sir, but you’re absolutely crazy over this impeachment thing.

To add to reader CG’s email about the “Dominance” theory: Part of that dominance is having the Democratic party seize the media messaging cycles away from Trump, *while* showing they are serious about doing the right thing.

Yes, people keep comparing this to Watergate, and how much “faster” this is going, but we’re not in the 60s.  It *needs* to be faster, and it need to be bigger, if nothing than to compete against a clickbait, meme-laden, short attention span world.  We’re at the stage were *mass shootings* get glossed over in days.  All it takes is one new crazy Trump tantrum and what ever

Nadler and Cummings has plodded out over the past week is gone.  Just getting the Muller report out to the public has been a Democratic fiasco.  Impeachment hearings are the last best chance to get that attention back to the Democrats and have a unified, consistent message about corruption and malfeasance that gets out to the public.  20 different stymied House investigations aren’t going to do it (even *if* they were begin aggressive about them, which they’re not).

It’s a joke to say not being convicted in the Senate is going give him “innocence” ammunition.  What’s *not even being tried* going to give him?  The right thing should be done anyway, regardless of the final outcome, and especially if it’s going to be spun no matter what.  A Senate vote gives the Democrats the chance to expose the naked partisanship that will permeate the Senate (if it gets there), as an iconic national TV moment that I have no doubt will be watched by millions, and then re-used again and again in voting ads.

All of this takes air away from Trump and his evil buffoons, replacing it with actual information and the potential for dramatics the MSM wont be able to ignore.  *That* info has the best chance of getting to the public.

This impeachment hearing thing is so typically Democrat it makes me want to pull my hair out.  Instead of a strong, simple, clear, unified message, they want a million technical explanations coming from multiple people an expecting the public to sift through and get it.  It’s another reason they’re so often creamed by the GOP (even if the GOP message is BS).

Anyway, proud to be a Prime member, love the podcast, and I truly value TPM as a source of accurate, level-headed, facts, and deep dives on subjects that really have taught me a lot.  I think you were well ahead of the curve on all of this, which I guess makes me less patient than most about what’s going on.  I always look forward to reading the site.

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